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offers custom catering services for small parties, weddings and all of life's celebrations, specializing in French pastries, cakes and beautiful breads and salads.

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Lemon Mousse Crown Royale 

Antoine's Bistro Back Story:  My love of French pastry began during a six week trip to France.  I was five months pregnant, traveling with my three boys and our bicycles.  I had planned the trip.  I had not planned the pregnancy.  I decided to go anyway, since once the baby arrived I'd be unable to travel for awhile.  I ate French pastry every day, and what delicious pastry it was!  I didn't gain a pound, despite eating all that pastry. Maybe it was because we bicycled to a different chateau almost every day.  The older boys would race off, yelling back, "See you later, Mom", as I struggled along with my youngest in a carrier on the back.  It was a challenging trip, but the French were wonderful and treated us with kindness and unforgettable hospitality.  Once the boys were grown I decided that I wanted to attain a Cordon Bleu Diploma so that I could produce French pastry in America and share it with everyone here.  I was fortunate to intern in a truly fabulous French bakery run by an authentic French Pastry Chef who helped me put my training into practice.  Now I can have French pastry anytime I want it and share it with anyone who appreciates it.  What could be better than that? 

Tiramisu Crown Cake​

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Braided Challah Bread